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Premium quality with crisp tart berry and rhubarb taste

Health Benefits

Hibiscus flower has a rich red colour with a lovely sour taste, pleasant fragrance, along with multiple health benefits. It is caffeine free and rich in Vitamin C and has powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system and active in maintaining the health of human organs, because it contains special substances include phenolic compounds, Glucose hibiscin, Anthocyanins and Gossipetin.

Contains antioxidants

Rosella flowers contain phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants. The amount of anti-oxidants in the flower that usually made tea is four times more than the antioxidants in the cat’s whiskers. In addition to phenolic, Rosella flowers also contain antioxidant anthocyanins and gossipetin. Its benefits is to provide protection for heart disease, diabetes, to cancer.

Prevent Cancer

Rosella flowers nutrition is very helpful in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Like-wise with DNA damage, Rosella flowers can cope it. It also includes the prevention of blood cancer or leukemia.
So, consume Rosella flowers regularly to get great benefits.

Boost immunity

Immune is very important to prevent the entry of disease into the body. Rosella can help us get many nutrients that are useful for immune enhancement. Eating Rosella flowers on a regular basis is great for boosting immunity periodically.

Natural Diet

Furthermore, the Rosella flower health benefits is to lose weight and keep it in a stable position. Rosella tea contains vitamin C which is useful to release cholesterol and bad fats. Overweight can be lowered by increasing body metabolism. Consuming Rosella at night before bed and morning is very good to improve the body’s metabolic system, it is speeding up the process of burning fat.

Treating hypertension

One of the health benefits of Rosella flowers is lowering blood pressure. So, consuming Rosella flowers regularly can maintain the health of metabolism, because blood pressure is one factor disrupt the body’s metabolism. When our metabolism is healthy, the risks to serious illnesses can be lowered too.

Prevent Bone Reduction

Among other important nutrients present in Rosella flowers are calcium, potassium, vitamin D and iron. Nutrition is good for maintaining bone health, preventing bone loss especially for the elderly.

Stretching Bowel Movements

The fiber content in Rosella is high, so its benefits for stopping the bowel movements are clear. For those of you who have constipation or want to prevent digestive problems, consume Rosella flower products


Good for the metabolism of the body, Prevent paralysis, Treating joint pain, Maintain stamina and body vitality, Reduce cramps, Treat diabetes mellitus, Treating cough, Good for canker sores, Treating colds, Treating dry mouth, Healthy gums, Cure skin diseases.