About Us


Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise (PT. Munti Cahaya Sejahtera (MCSE) evolved from a community development program located in the dry and disadvantaged area of North-East Bali. Thanks to the program’s holistic efforts, access to water, healthcare and education as well as the economic situation have significantly improved over the past years.

Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise’s goal is to produce high quality products that create as many employment opportunities in the local community as possible.



Back in 2004 Muntigunung was one of the poorest areas in Bali. The land was exceptionally dry and families had to walk for an average of four hours just to get water. Child mortality was high, and there was little access to education and healthcare. Many had to go begging on the touristy streets of South Bali to make ends meet.

In order to alleviate these fundamental problems faced by the local communities, the Muntigunung Community Development Program was developed with a particular focus on water, economy, healthcare, and education. With the goal to improve the economic condition and create productive employment, products from the natural resources that already existed in Muntigunung, such as cashew nuts and lontar palm sugar were developed. This was followed by then expanding into the development of new products made from rosella, mango and moringa.

Starting in 2008 as a small-scale home industry with limited production and sales, food products from Muntigunung were introduced and sold to customers across Bali. Muntigunung’s production and sales increased over the years and in 2019 PT. Munti Cahaya Sejahtera (MCSE) was established to focus on a broader range of business activities. MCSE facilitates the production and sale of food products from the Muntigunung community, and ensures competitive costs and excellent quality.

While the business structure may have changed, the philosophy remains the same. In all activities as a social enterprise, MCSE continues to focus on improving the economic welfare of the Muntigunung community.