About Us

Muntigunung Program was originally developed to alleviate the fundamental problems faced by Muntigunung’s communities, in particular focusing towards freshwater, economy, health, and education. As a result of these efforts, PT. Munti Cahaya Sejahtera (MCSE) was established to support the expansion of these programs, which were initiated by Verein Zukunft fuer Kinder (VZK) with Yayasn Dian Desa (YDD).

The Muntigunung poverty eradication program began in 2008 under the name of the Livelihoods Program. The program’s ultimate goal is to improve the economic conditions of target communities in Muntigunung. The general objectives of the Livelihoods Program are:
To identify potential ideas which are compatible with the local condition; to formulate strategic and appropriate interventions; and to implement ensuing plans.
To improve the economic condition of target communities through development of various potential products which are suitable for the local natural conditions, and create productive employment.

Livelihoods Program is divided in two phases, namely the training phase and business phase, with all of its activities involving the Muntigunung community directly. This program was started through developing the potential natural resources that already existed in Muntigunung, such as cashew nuts and lontar palm sugar. This was followed by then expanding into the development of new products such as rosella flower, dried mango and moringa powder.
Since 2008, food products from Muntigunung have also been introduced and sold to buyers in Bali, but with a small and limited scale of production and sales. During this time, the venture was registered as a small-scale home industry.

For more than 10 years, Muntigunung’s production and sales activities have increased and expanded, resulting in VZK and YDD deciding to establish an independent business unit and focus on a broader range of business activities. In 2019, VZK and YDD established PT. Munti Cahaya Sejahtera (MCSE). MCSE is required to facilitate the production and sale of food products from the Muntigunung community, and to do so while ensuring competitive costs and excellent quality.

While the business structure may have changed, our philosophy remains the same. MCSE, in conducting its activities, will continue to focus on improving the economic welfare of the Muntigunung community.

As a result, your purchases continue to largely contribute to the achievement of our goal to alleviate poverty, and improve the welfare of the Muntigunung community.